“Putting market dynamics to work for you”

Most businesses consider purchasing energy one of their most complex procurement decisions. Since purchasing electricity is a relatively new experience, many consider electricity procurement especially challenging.

Deregulation has provided choice to electric users. Large users can now take advantage of the opportunity to directly negotiate pricing for the largest element of their electric cost - generation supply.

We help clients manage their energy costs by delivering generation supply solutions that deliver financial benefits and are matched specifically to their operational requirements.

Like most things, with opportunities come challenges. Our job is to navigate the marketplace, evaluate the plethora of offers and services, eliminate the confusion and clearly present the most appropriate solution for each of our clients.

Service Model

Education Analysis Procurement Monitoring
Paragon Advisors constantly monitors the state of the electric market and clearly explains the issues and opportunities to clients in order to develop a successful energy management strategy. Paragon Advisors conducts a comprehensive review of your current and historical consumption patterns. This profile is used to create a forward looking model to determine future energy needs and requirements. Paragon Advisors works specifically with each client to develop a custom set of objectives and requirements used to select the best matched supplier. We then identify the most cost effective solution that meets your unique criteria. Paragon Advisors monitors your future electric bills to ensure contract compliance, assists with energy budgeting activities and issues monthly reports that help drive other decisions in support of the overall energy management strategy.

Client Benefits

Fees: We conduct the procurement stage of our service model as “brokers” so we charge no fees for our services as our fee is paid by electric suppliers.

Advocacy: We are advocates for our clients and always operate based on their best interests. Our fees are the same regardless of the supplier chosen. We are completely objective.

Partnership: We understand what is important to our clients and help them create and execute an overall energy management strategy that provides long-term benefits.